Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Preston!

Preston asked for another airplane cake all year, just like the one from last year.  And then he decided it could be the same thing so 2 weeks before his birthday suddenly switched to a 'nemo' cake.  And then a few days before it was back to airplanes, but he wanted a runway cake this time.  

He didn't have any requests for meals for his birthday.  Anytime I asked if he wanted a special breakfast or dinner he insisted he just wanted airplane cake.
We partied hard for his birthday.  That morning was the last day of Volleyball for Brielle and Ethan, so we had a big potluck party after the award ceremony.  We then went to a friends house for a swim party and crawfish boil.
40 pounds of live crawfish delivered from New Orleans just in time for our lunch.
That night as a family we had a pizza/movie party at home and then went out to ice cream.  Although we played all day, he didn't think it was really his birthday until the next day when we celebrated with the cake and presents.
And he loved being the Captain a couple days earlier as we celebrated Gramma Finlay's birthday aboard the Arrowhead Queen.

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