Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Fly-on-the-wall: Wednesday

So, as I was thinking that I haven't done a fly on the wall post for a long time I looked back to see what day I would be on.  I found this post I started last year and never published.  It's not complete, but worth publishing anyway.  I don't know all the details of the day, but it was interesting to look back at the pictures and be able to mostly piece together what I did. 

Here is another glimpse of our current (now past) life. I tracked what we were doing on the hour marks on Wednesday, March, 8th (2017)

Plan for the Day

Pretty nice view from the tredmill.  Boys up early to wave good bye to James.

7:00-Morning Routine in Progress
I don't remember how long ago we started the morning playlist.  There are songs for each action the kids are supposed to do to get ready.  It doesn't mean they do everything without me reminding them, but at least keeps us mostly on task.  

8:00-Breakfast with Kids
Wednesdays we review the primary song/scripture for the month during breakfast.

9:00-Preston to Mommy and Me class

10:00-Miss Mishele's Class
Bubbles and circle time/singing, one of his favorite parts

11:00-Miss Mishele's Class
I was taking a turn watching kids outside while some of the adults had discussion inside. 

12:00-Home for Lunch

1:00-Relief Society Meeting
Met with previous compassionate service leader to find out needs of sisters in the ward.  So helpful! Preston was supposed to work on puzzles, but I think came out to visit with me instead.

2:00-Home-Getting work done.
Ethan turns 8 tomorrow and is so excited to be a cubscout! Just got his application dropped off to fill out.

3:00-Talent Show Practice
Ethan and Brielle are both participating in the talent show.  We went over to help.

4:00-Home-burning off extra energy
Everyone back from school.  Ethan loves to play in the backyard when he gets home.

5:00-Magic Minutes
? Don't have picture, but assume I was getting dinner ready, house cleaned up and helping with homework.


7:00-Family Scriptures
? Don't have picture.  Would have gotten boys ready for bed and taken Brielle to the church for activity girls.

8:00-Picking up Brielle from Activity Girls

9:00-Prepping Tomorrows Dinner
Tomorrow is Ethan's birthday.  We're doing a celebration with extended family.  His dinner request was for Soup and Beaurox

10:00-Computer Work
Prepping Agenda for Relief Society Meeting and writing in Journal
I took out this picture because of too much personal/other people's info on it, but I had a picture of my computer screen at the end of the day.  With the screen shot of my text messengers open and journal I was able to see a lot of my life that day. 

11:00-Checking on kids and heading to bed
Got through the to do list...doesn't always happen that way.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

San Diego Get Away

We got to enjoy a quick getaway to San Diego.  We had planned it over the 3 day Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, but then realized that James didn't get Monday off at his new job.  
We went down Saturday and came back Sunday, but still had plenty of time to play and enjoy beaches, sunsets and perfect weather.
We met up with cousins at the beach.
It was a warm enough day the kids went out and played in the water.  
In addition to beach on Saturday (where we actually got pictures) we also went to Old Town to the Mormon Battalion Center and into explored some of the shops. 
Sunday after church and visiting the temple we went to Torrey Pines lookout.  The kids were more interested in the remote control vehicles.  A couple people were driving their 4 wheel drive remote control vehicles through the caves and ditches there.  It was pretty impressive and they were nice to let the kids be involved.
  The sunset that we went to watch was gorgeous.  Winter sunsets in Southern California are amazing.

Horse Races

Headed to the race track has become a winter tradition.  We usually go in the morning to watch the horses warm up while having breakfast at Clockers Corner, but this time went to seem some of the races.
We talked with the trumpeter between races.  He hasn't missed a race in 30 years!  He took requests and kindly played "Jingle Bells" for Preston.
We had fun picking out favorite horses and cheering them on.
Brielle seemed to choose by the name of the horse, Preston picked random numbers.  Ethan, who I thought would be the most into it with his competitive nature was mostly interested in the snacks.  
But, once he satisfied his hungry he loved getting up close to see the horses speed by.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hike to Hollywood

After living in California for 8 1/2 years (much longer for James) we finally hiked to the iconic Hollywood sign.
It was a fun day with lots of friends and family for company.
The hike was a bit steep on a hot day, but these cousins made it fun with lots of silly games and requests for pictures a long the way.
Brielle hadn't been feeling well the day before, but perked up for the hike and enjoyed her cousin time also.  
We enjoyed the views from the top.  The kids were surprised by how big the letters are when you are up close, and also that they are staggered so much.
 The cave was a favorite hangout
We stopped at In n Out afterwards where the kids got a well earned shake to cool off.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Costa Rica: Saturday, November 25th-Playa Negra

Saturday was our last day which for Larry started much too early when Preston climbed into his bed.  Larry had been watching Preston the night before while the rest of us were patrolling for sea turtles.  Preston had fallen asleep on the couch while they watched a show together and I carried him to bed when I got home.  He woke up in the middle of the night disoriented and, assuming Larry was still in charge went to find him.  
It was another gorgeous beach day with lots of time spent out in the waves (which we don't have pictures of this time), and more animal finding. Ethan was happy about catching a frog.  James was glad to finally get a picture of some of the iguanas we often saw on the bridge as we left the house.
We ate at home that night the fresh fish purchased the day before. Shrimp pasta, seared ahi and grilled mahi mahi made for an amazing dinner.
Afterward we went out to the Playa Negra hotel for dessert before going back to watch a movie and pack up to leave the next morning.  When someone said something about Costa Rica not having rules Preston informed us that there was in fact 2 rules in Costa Rica.  1. you don't throw toilet paper in the toilet there, just in the trash.  and 2. you don't drink all the milk from your cereal bowl.  The first rule is true.  The second is a manner he apparently had never heard of before. When at the hotel breakfast buffet the first day on the trip he started drinking his bowl like a cup, I informed him that you only use your spoon to get what you can. He must have assumed this was a cultural thing.